Sunday, April 3, 2011

A lazy grilled-cheese Sunday with Aidan

Today is the last day of spring break before school starts up again and I just got back from a trip to see family and friends in Texas so I wanted to have a chill day.

I was feeling like the bottomless teenage pit of a stomach that I am, so I decided to make some grilled-cheese.

See, us 'Doughs don't make grilled-cheese like most people, we use waffle irons. Waffle-ironed grilled-cheese is quite delightful, and it seems easier and faster to make. All you do is put the butter on the bread, stick some cheese in it, and throw it in the iron and wait a minute or two. You don't even have to flip it.

We grabbed a few buddies of ours one day in order to experiment with grilled cheese sandwiches. That was back on February, 19th and is now considered an annual holiday within our ring of friends (though I hear there is talk of making it biannual). I grilled up a sandvich and put M&M's in it which was a horrible idea. Cheddar and sweet, chocolaty don't mix well. However, the color bled out through the bread and made it a very pretty, though disgusting, sandvich.

The best grilled-cheese sandwich that I experienced that day was a goat cheese with (either strawberry or raspberry) jam on a swirly rye and pumpernickel mixed bread. Absolutely scrumptious.

Today I made a simple cheddar and sourdough sandvich, the cheese ended up bleeding out of the bread like sweat from pours. Not the best looking sandvich I've made but it was tasty nonetheless.

If I had the time (or rather the energy and resources) to try to make the perfect sandwich to show you I would, but for now this will do.

By the way, feel free to join us in making grilled-cheese sandwiches and having fun on February, 19th. It doesn't matter what kitchen you're in.

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