Thursday, June 23, 2011

Solstice Parade

We're in the news: The Magic of Santa Barbara Solstice Celebration Begins with Parade Workshop

A pretty good article with quite a few doops here and there concerning us.

First of all, our name is not the "Derf Squad", we are the "Derp Squad". BIG DIFFERENCE. In the photograph Matias has an entirely new name that does not exist in the real world.

B'Dough is now a "symbol of happiness and acceptance" to all those who read this news article.

Aside from all these goofs, hopefully something good will come out of it. Maybe people will get interested and look us up. The problem is there's not much too look up, we still have not done any more work on the website because for the past month we've been swamped with this workshop.

One would think that it isn't so hard to put together a website, but because we are so easily distracted and we have to work together, we aren't going to finish very soon.